What is Edison Academy SLO?

Since your twice-exceptional child has started school…

  • Have you watched your intensely curious child lose his or her love of learning?
  • Are there meltdowns over homework or is your child bored and unchallenged?
  • Do you wonder if your child will ever reach his or her potential in a traditional school?

If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above, we’ve created Edison Academy SLO for families like yours.

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A Learning Difference

Being gifted in schools today is not necessarily a positive experience. Gifted children (and their parents) many times experience rejection from an educational system that values conformity and expects students to work along with the group without resistance or complaint.

In addition to that, many twice-exceptional students also experience frustration from learning disabilities that are not adequately accommodated (or identified) in the classroom. They become held captive by their weaknesses and rarely have the opportunity to shine in what they are good at.

Year after year in a typical school setting, these talented children learn to see themselves as failures, unable to succeed on a daily basis. Some cope by working many times harder than their peers. This is often at the cost of spending time developing their true strengths. Others finally give up on learning and become the class clown or get into trouble.

Traditional schools make reading, writing, and grade-level standards the foundation of all learning. For a gifted student who is already several years above grade-level or a twice-exceptional student with a learning disability, this means school increasingly becomes a boring environment or an exhausting place to focus on their weaknesses.

Edison Academy SLO is different by design. For twice-exceptional students we make areas of strength accessible in order to build confidence, develop interests, and nurture talents.  This supplies motivation for fueling the hard work needed to improve weak areas.

At Edison Academy SLO, we also accept that students are wired for learning differently. All students have a unique learning style that makes learning easier for them. That is why we use a personalized approach, creating an individualized learning plan taking into account each students’ learning style, talents, and interests. We teach them in the way they learn best. We recognize the importance of reading and handwriting, while honoring the fact that, for some children, printed text will never be the best route for learning material or demonstrating knowledge.

If this sounds like the school you’ve been looking for, please join us as we create a place for these amazing kids to love learning, develop their strengths and talents, and achieve their full potential.


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