Gifted Program Options

Edison Academy SLO is excited to offer full-, part-time, and homeschool/independent study gifted education programs to meet the needs of our families.

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3-Day Gifted Education Program

3-DAY GIFTED EDUCATION PROGRAM Our part-time program gives families additional flexibility in meeting their child’s needs. Students attend class on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays while using Tuesdays and Thursdays for specialized classes, therapy appointments, etc. Monday/Wednesday Schedule 8:45 School Opens (Independent Study Time) 9:15 Morning Meeting 9:30 Math and Language Arts Block 10:30 Break 10:45 History … Continue reading 3-Day Gifted Education Program

Full-Time Gifted Education Program

FULL-TIME GIFTED EDUCATION PROGRAM Individual Learning Plans are developed in collaboration with our students which take into account their instructional level, learning styles profile, interests, and talents. This approach allows each student to develop their strengths and talents according to their unique timeline. Our curriculum is project/problem-based where students engage in the thinking and doing … Continue reading Full-Time Gifted Education Program

K-12 Homeschool/Independent Study Gifted Programs

Our Homeschool and Independent Study Gifted Education Programs provides parents with a personalized education program that develops their child’s strengths and talents while supporting areas of weakness. Social-emotional learning is incorporated into the learning plan in order to nurture resilience and self-control.  As many gifted children experience emotional sensitivity, perfectionism, and/or high amounts of physical energy, they … Continue reading K-12 Homeschool/Independent Study Gifted Programs